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Jackpocket Lottery App in DC

Take a chance on DC Powerball or get tickets for other lottery games like Lucky for Life, Mega Millions, and DC5.

Ways to Play

Order Tickets For Your Favorite Washington, D.C. Lottery Games

Pick your numbers, get automatic win notifications, and receive prizes up to $600 right to the app.

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DC Powerball
DC Mega Millions
DC Lucky for Life
DC 5
DC 4
DC 3

How Jackpocket Works

Step 1

Lotto your way

Choose your lucky numbers or get a random Quick Pick.

Step 2

Play from the comfort of home

Jackpocket fulfills your ticket order from an official DC Lottery retailer.

Step 3

See your ticket right in the app

Jackpocket scans your ticket for easy viewing and checks it for winnings after the drawing.

Step 4

Get win alerts

You always get notified if you win any DC Lottery prize—big or small!


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Real Jackpocket Lottery Winners

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Columbus, OH
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Brooklyn, NY

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Jackpocket legal in Washington, DC?

Yes! Jackpocket complies with all applicable state laws and regulations.

Jackpocket is a digital lottery courier service.  When you order your lottery ticket through the Jackpocket app, we fulfill your order from a licensed DC Lottery retailer.  Then we upload an image of your ticket to the app for easy viewing and send you a confirmation email with your ticket serial number. Your paper ticket is securely stored in a locked, fireproof vault. 

What happens if I win the DC Lottery?

If your prize is up to $600 (the threshold amount in Washington, DC), we’ll credit your prize to your Jackpocket account. You can transfer your winnings to your bank account or use them to play again.

For DC lottery winnings over $600, we securely send your ticket to you so you can claim your winnings directly with the DC Lottery. 

Are there any fees?

Jackpocket charges a small service fee when you fund your account. That’s it—no sign-up fees, no monthly fees, and no fees when you make a payout to your bank account.

Does Jackpocket take a slice of my DC Lottery winnings?

Nope! Whether you win DC Powerball or any other Washington DC lottery game, Jackpocket keeps nothing from your prize.

Has anyone ever won the lottery with Jackpocket?

Yes! Over 2 million people have won lottery prizes using Jackpocket. Forty-seven people have even become millionaires! Will you be Washington DC's next big lottery winner?

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