"I felt like a kid on Christmas!"

Nothing like a LOTTO win to make you feel festive. Terry of Little Rock tells his story.

October 27, 2022

It all started with brunch.

"So I was home after a brunch date when I ordered the ticket.”

“My inspiration came from pure intuition. My strategy was to just go with the first numbers that popped up in my head. I set a timer and said, ‘OK, within the next 2 minutes, whatever numbers that come through, I'm playing them.’”

“So the next morning when I opened the app I saw the notification of simply "big winner" and the amount...I started getting hyped up! Then, I noticed the email with all the confetti flying around with the amount and I was like ‘This is it!’ Cliche as it sounds, it honestly felt like being a kid on Christmas morning.”

“I love this new game LOTTO. Means a lot to me that it is an Arkansas game. I will win again!”

“A nice dinner and a nice bottle of wine with live jazz music will be the best way for me to use the winnings."