14 Wholesome Wins of 2022 That'll Make You Feel Warm and Fuzzy

Plus, we unveil the Jackpocket Winner of the Year!

When you ask the internet to share personal wins from the year, be prepared to feel A LOT of feelings. We asked Jackpocket app users and followers to tell us a story about a time they felt like a winner in 2022.  The person with the best story about a win big or small would be crowned Jackpocket's Winner of the Year... and win $500!

It was almost impossible for us to choose just one winner. We eventually did, but we just had to share more of your stories with the world! Get your tissue box ready and enjoy this collection of our favorite submissions to Jackpocket's Winner of the Year Contest 2022. 

1.  Your 2022 Winner of Year: Leslie! She creates a love of reading in the next generation!

2. Bonnie's epic year of wins made it to the final round

3. Kevin's sweet story about life with his wife and adorable dog made it to the final round

4. @theraizal rebuilt her grandmother's house which was destroyed in a hurricane

5. @lucid66 made the whole Thanksgiving meal herself while living with Multiple Sclerosis

6. Karina had some big life changes during a challenging year!

7. Vet tech Tiffany provided spay and neuter services for animals in Turks and Caicos

"I was able to travel abroad to Turks and Caicos and aid in a spay and neuter clinic with a couple of fellow vet techs and veterinarians. We help provide medical aid and spay and neutering services to the community there. And with that, we were also educating the younger generation on how to take care of animals and let them know that they are family members, they're not the enemy, and just showing them how to love animals."

8. Carolyn's very special lottery numbers were finally drawn

“My sister loves playing her numbers! Unfortunately, she has been seriously ill for 9 months, waiting for a liver transplant. I would often play my sister's lucky numbers on her behalf. Always looking for 'signs,' my sister was waiting for a particular number to be drawn. The number is our beloved, deceased Aunt Rita's birthday. In the past 9 months, this number never came in!! I would often say to my sister 'why hasn't Aunt Rita been around?!' We both wanted our Aunt to give us a sign that she was watching over us, and that everything would be ok..."

My sister loves playing her numbers! Unfortunately, she has been seriously ill for 9 months, waiting for a liver transplant.

"Guess what? Two days ago, the number came in boxed!! (Finally!!) As it turns out, that same night, my sister received a call saying that she may get a liver!! (Thank You Aunt Rita 💖 ) The next day my sister received her transplant!!" "Can you believe that the number came in boxed, AGAIN!! Aunt Rita gave us a sign at the most important time...now I know she is watching over my sister and she will be OK."

9. Edward's great-granddaughter was born

10. @abbynaverysmom watched her daughter living with Crohn's disease get stronger

11. Melody had a winning moment on the day of her retirement

"My win for this year was the day that I retired, December 1, 2022. At the end of the day, I was fooled by some teachers of mine to come and try to help them clean the class. We got to talking,  and then they said, 'Oh, we got to go downstairs.' They needed to go to a meeting. So I was arguing about walking down the stairs because I had surgery done on my knee."

I saw a line of teachers and children on the wall rooting for me and saying, 'Melody, Melody, Melody!'

"But as I got downstairs from arguing with the two teachers, they opened the door and just said, 'Let's go.' And as I walked out that door from the hallway into the hallway, I saw a line of teachers and children on the wall rooting for me and saying, 'Melody, Melody, Melody!' And that was the best win for me ever in my life, because I was surprised, and it was so great and wonderful to hear them blessing me and calling me and thanking me."

12. Rosezina walked 100 miles to help raise money for a family in her community

"I learned of a mama in our community, whose eighteen month old baby girl has a malignant brain tumor. I wanted to do something to raise funds for them, and also raise awareness for childhood cancer. So, seventeen days before Thanksgiving, I pledged to walk/run 100 miles by Thanksgiving. As I embarked on this journey I had people sponsor my steps, and also people who donated a set amount. I used these hashtags as I documented my journey, #stepsforSicilee #milesforMiles #dontstopbelievin. I was also honoring the life of a little boy named Miles, who passed away in October of this year. He had the same type of tumor as Sicilee. I completed 101 miles the day before Thanksgiving, and it felt amazing to be able to help this sweet family, and honor another’s short, but beautiful life.💛"

13. Mirasol became the first woman in her family to graduate from university

"My favorite win of the year is becoming the first woman in my family to graduate university! I am a little older as an undergraduate student as I am 26, but to have the privilege of being the first person graduating university in my family is immeasurable. I am a second-generation Latina and faced so many obstacles throughout my academic career. It took me a few years longer to graduate due to mental health issues, trouble financing university, and saving my family from an abusive situation. I may not be a superhero, but I am my own hero because I pushed through and achieved my goals regardless of how long it took me."

14. Staryl is caring for his nieces and nephews after his sister passed away

"I'm still here, holding strong, for myself, my kids and being supportive, loving and especially gaining the trust of my late sister's three kids tand that they decided on their own, to move to New York with me, to be their godparent. That is my biggest win 🏆 🙌 ❤️  to know they feel the love and comfort to be here with me.  I don't know what GOD has planned for me but I'm holding in stronger 💪 for 2023."

Have a win of the year you'd like to share? Our contest is over, but we'd still LOVE to hear your stories. Tweet us @jackpocket and tell us what made you feel like a winner in 2022!

Note: Some submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.