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New Jersey Lottery Articles

About the New Jersey State Lottery

The New Jersey lottery has been thrilling lottery lovers since 1970. New Jersey initially had a weekly lottery game but expanded over time, adding a variety of games, including additional draw games, instant games, and daily draws.

New Jersey joined Mega Millions before it was known as such. In 1999, when New Jersey joined the multi-state lottery, it was known as The Big Game. New Jersey then joined Powerball in 2010.

Where the Money Goes

Part of ticket sale revenue goes to help retirement funds for the state’s employees.

How to claim your winnings in New Jersey

If you ordered your ticket with Jackpocket, we will automatically credit your account with the amount you win up to $599.99 (the threshold in New Jersey). 

For amounts higher than the threshold, we will arrange to securely send your ticket to you so you can claim your winnings with the New Jersey Lottery. You will need to obtain a claim form (available from the NJ Lottery Headquarters or on their website) to submit with your winning ticket. Claims can be placed in person or by mail.

You have up to one year from the date of the New Jersey lottery results for your drawing to claim your prize, so if you’ve won big, celebrate! Then, take a breath and consider investing in talking to someone about how best to handle your newfound wealth.